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Suisu Scans
29th-Sep-2013 09:41 pm - Asuka February 2011 - D.N.Angel
As requested, D.N.Angel chapter from 2011 Asuka Issue

D.N.Angel stage 4 vol. 14

I also updated the RAW download page, since all image link got lost when webshot deleted my account without any notice o.O. Anyway no image now ... and now i've trouble re-arraging ... and i gave up in the middle ...
3rd-Apr-2013 11:52 am - Somebody still interested?
Is somebody out there? i'm still alive and have still a bunch of asukas on by desk ... hmm actually almost falling off my desk.

If anybody is still following this community and needs some scans ... please comment.

4th-Apr-2012 11:09 am - Please Donate!
Hi there ... i'm behind some issues again, but i'm currently busy ... so no updates until next month.

However! I'm still looking for some supporters who would help financing the Asuka issues.
So far it was only one donation, from a person who never commented nor send me a message on LJ ... but no worries, paypal send me the email :)

To remind you all, I plan to give everyone who donates more then 5 a free extra from the tons of asuka issues i collected so far (no the really old ones i threw away). I've tons of those extras and I don't really need all of them. (if you donate more then 10 you get 2 for free).

Here a little peek of what i had around:

No without cat ...

that's kinda cute, i would totally use them ... if i had an agenda XD
6th-Mar-2012 12:56 am - First donation received!!!
Awesome! AWESOME! I just got my latest issue, thought ... damn again 3 issues to scan .... and then i remembered not a single donation so far ... and then i got this mail from paypal! i almost deleted it cause i though it's spam!!! AArg!
Anyway it's awesome! and the very nice person can now select two asuka extra thingy!! :DDD as far as i can see ... the awesome super friendly person hasn't commented or send me a PM now ... but i have a mail address and as soon as i made some pictures of a lot of asuka extra thingy ... i'm gonna contact youuuu ... ~ ♥♥♥
23rd-Jan-2012 12:39 am - Please donate!
As announced last year, please donate in order to keep the RAW scanning operating.

The subscription I have is about 80CHF - 90CHF ... (85USD - 96 USD / 66EUR - 74 EUR) for 6 issues. The goal is to get the total in as donation ... but I'm not that optimistic, so let's see how much we get and if i just fill in the rest...

To make the whole thing a bit more interesting, everybody who donates more then 5$/€/£ ... will get a Asuka extra thingy which always comes along and I don't really need. If you donate more then 10, you get 2 extras ... and I'm not that optimistic that somebody would actually donate more then 10 XD ... Since I never did something like that I don't know how that whole thing will look like on paypal. So if you donated something just write me a PM here on LJ... or make a comment.

29th-Dec-2011 04:20 pm - Asuka October - November 2011
Hi there ... I kind of can't reach my goal of scanning everything which I currently have ... cause the Decembers issue is lying around somewhere at my home (yeah I'm on vacation in the country where all this started ... spending NewYear there ...)

Anyway I'm pretty close ... considering where i was at the beginning of the month hahaha

However ... I've to make a not so nice New Years announcement. The continuation of the raw scans here will be based on the donation I'll get to pay of the subscription. In the past years, I was not that much interested in the series published in Asuka anymore (well not enough to actually buy the magazine for that ...). I continued buying it cause of the nice extras :D, unfortunately the extras are also not that interesting anymore (or just from the wrong serie)
Anyway I would have the time to scan, i got a pretty good system to do this quite fast now. But to buy the magazine ... it doesn't add up for me anymore. In my next post, I'll give you more information on the financial stuff since I want to be transparent (my subscription got linked to the YEN currency o.O ... the freaking thing got more expensive since last year!) It could be that a subscription is more cheap in other countries ... but well I don't live in another country. This is a small heads up on what will be in 2012.
In case I really need to shut down the raw business here ... I'll keep running this community, with focus on scanlations from thrumugnyr. Her Japanese got awesome, but her taste is still the same *cough" ... since I would have more time then ^^ i could help her with cleaning the scans and so on ... (cause thats what she hates most) ... even tough our interests are like miles away from each other XD

Btw, I scanned the new serie of Hiroki Kusumoto ... just because I can .... and Happy New Year 2012!

Asuka October 2011 raw scans
Barajou-Asuka10-2011-00a Barajou no kiss ch 37 by Aya Syouoto
Samurai_Drive_A10_11_ch17-5_00a Samurai Drive ch17.5 by Fujiko Kosumi
Asuka November 2011 raw scans
Momogumi-Asuka11-2011-03 Momogumi by Sakondou Eri
Barajou-Asuka11-2011-01 Barajou no kiss ch 38 by Aya Syouoto
Seiyuu_Ichinensei_A11_11_ch06_01 Seiyuu Ichinensei ch06 by Hirotaka Kisaragi
Haja_A11_11_ch01_00b Haja ch01 by Hiroki Kusumoto new!
Samurai_Drive_A11_11_ch17extra_01 Samurai Drive ch17 extra by Fujiko Kosumi
22nd-Oct-2011 10:30 pm - Asuka May 2011

Sorry I'm late ... I know ... I got a big pile of Asuka Issues on my desk >.<

I was a bit busy latley .... being angry about politics and moving to another city ... and so on .... my goal for this year, scanning all issues I currently have XD

Asuka May 2011 raw scans
Barajou-Asuka05-2011-00 Barajou no kiss ch 32 by Aya Syouoto
Samurai_Drive_A05_11_ch14_00 Samurai Drive ch13 by Fujiko Kosumi
Seiyuu_Ichinensei_A05_11_ch02_01 Seiyuu Ichinensei ch02 by Hirotaka Kisaragi
14th-Aug-2011 01:14 am - Asuka issue April 2011

I'm a bit slow ... I've about 3 Asukas to go >.< and I think the next issue is just about to arrive ...

Anyway, I've started another new serie Seiyuu Ichinensei by Hirotaka Kisaragi

Asuka April 2011 raw scans
Barajou-Asuka04-2011-01 Barajou no kiss ch 31 by Aya Syouoto
Samurai_Drive_A04_11_ch13_02 Samurai Drive ch11 by Fujiko Kosumi
Seiyuu_Ichinensei_A04_11_ch01_00a Seiyuu Ichinensei ch01 by Hirotaka Kisaragi new!
Momogumi-Asuka04-2011-01 Momogumi by Sakondou Eri
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